Final Update Before Expo.

December 04, 2019

Things are wrapping up as the Design Expo approaches on December 5. I made more levels (we’re now at 14) and I got Android builds to work! Turns out, it was a problem with my Windows Insider Build. I submitted my game for release on the Google Play Store!

Getting Android Build to Work

It suddenly occurred to me that maybe the problem was not with Unity and the Android SDK misbehaving with one another, but maybe some inexplicable OS problem since I run Windows Insider Builds. I updated to a newer build of Windows, and guess what! The build works.

If you’d like to download and sideload an APK of the game before it gets onto the Google Play Store, you can find it here. The web version of the game is the same place it was before, here.

Let me know if you run into any issues with the builds.

New Levels

Poster Design

You can see the final version of the poster here.

Progress Build

Download and Play GridBeat for Android HERE!

Play GridBeat for WebGL HERE