Describing Project Legato's Potential Audience

September 17, 2019

In this post, I’d like to elaborate on who Project Legato can potentially help if successful.

New Music Making Hobbyists

Some who stand to benefit the most from my results are people interested in music making but without the overhead of needing formal music theory (which heavily relies on western classical music).

These people may have any variety of different jobs, and they just seek to become hobbyist music makers but don’t know where to start with making music that sounds good to them. They are challenged by the fact that most music theory education that is prominently available online relies on classical western music and is often times difficult to contextualize into the much more globalized, international style of a lot of modern music.

It’s important to these people that they have a sandbox to learn various concepts and try them out.

Some people may have money reserved to use on hobbies; others may simply just have a computer.

Music Educators

Another group of people which stands to benefit from my project are music educators whose students are interested not in music performance, musical analysis, or in-depth music theory itself; the students who simply want to “know enough” to get started with making things they think sound good.

These music educators either have private studios, are a part of community music schools, or work at the high school or college level. They tend to be responsible for teaching more than just one student; they have multiple students.